4 Steps for SIWES/Industrial Attachment (IT) Application


We are recommending the various Industrial Attachment Application Steps for our students who are currently or may soon be seeking for I.T placement in either public or private companies or organizations to fulfill their compulsory 2-, 3-, 6 months or one (1) year Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES).

Our Universities and Polytechnics curriculum is designed in such a way that students are permitted (mandated to) obtain a work experience as may be required either in their second (2nd), third (3rd) or fourth (4th) year in school. Students undergoing NCE programmes are on their own part, sent to schools to teach as a way of practicing the theories they learn in classroom. This is a good thing, but most times students find it hard to get placement for their IT/SIWES, this article outlines a few steps to take to make it an easy ride.

First things first, students should see their industrial attachment period as their first step in job search, as most of the requirements, challenges to encounter and so on are same, or somewhat synonymous to tat they will face later in course of seeking for employment after school. In this case, you will need to have your IDs, CVs/Resume, Documents and application letters handy.

Now we shall reveal 4 things to get in place that will quicken your search for place of work during your I.T, but before then we further assume that you have met all criteria as set by your institution before embarking on SIWES – this may include but not limited to passing courses that are pre-requisite to the programme.

Recommended Industrial Attachment Application Steps
1. Start Application Early Enough: Prior to the time for the IT posting, get your papers in place and start submitting applications in the firms you wish to work with. Make as many submissions as possible, as a sower; you may never know which of your seeds will be viable.

2. Have A Target:
Don’t just submit letter because others are submitting. Depending on your course of study, you are likely to gain IT placement in firms relating to what you study in school. For instance, a Chemical Engineering Student applying for IT in a bank is likely not going to be taken. So go for what relates to your area of study. Remember, you are going to learn not to make money, even though you still need cash.

3. Focus On Learning: The purpose of this program is to teach and equip you with practical knowledge of all you have learnt in school, stick to the game plan and learn. While searching, try places that will expose you!

4. Make Good Application: Prepare a good CV and file your application in such a way that it is irresistible. That way, no boss will over-look your document/letter. The links below will help you with what you need most to make a good application.

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