SIWES/IT Company List: Statoil (Nigeria) Ltd

Statoil (Nigeria) Ltd

Oil and gas companies address, contact phone number and website in Nigeria. When prospecting for SIWES/IT Placements and applying for Jobs, you can use them.

COMPANY NAME Statoil (Nigeria) Ltd
COMPANY ADDRESS 1A Bourdillon Road, P.O.Box 56190, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos
COMPANY CONTACT PHONE# +234 1 269 0491; Fax: +234 1 269 1245


  1. Good day.. Please can I contact this company to inquiry about the internship placement or I should go directly to the company?

    • Its always best to make one on one contact with the prospective company than using phone and other means of contact.
      You chances on being taken is higher with personal contact.
      All the best with your search.

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