SIWES Report – Format For Science/Social Sciences

SIWES Report Format

We have learnt that students need the proper guide on the Format For Writing A Good SIWES Report.
Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a program for a period of 3 months to one (1) year for students in science/social science based courses which carries about 3-15 units in their second semester credit load.

After the 3 – 6 months of industrial training (I.T), every student is required to write a technical report of his or her I.T experience, which is basically on all your activities in the work place, which carries 25% of the total siwes marks. Because of the heavy credit load of the (I.T), every student really have to learn very well designed Format for Writing A Good SIWES Report.

Difference school have their senate approved distribution of grades for different components of a standard SIES/IT report.

Log book Record/ Presentation: 25 marks
Technical Report: 25 marks
Attitudinal Observation: 10 marks
Employers Report: 25 marks
Oral interview by department (I.T defence): 15 marks.

In writing a good technical SIWES/I.T report the following format should be used carefully to get your full marks in the 3-6 months.

COVER PAGE : We are starting with the cover page which should contain the students name, department, matriculation Number, the course code eg (MCN 402), period of attachment (dates should be quoted), your employers name Or your I.T co-ordinator and location of the place were the student did the I.T.

TABLE OF CONTENTS : This should contain the a fore mentioned and four chapters.

APPRECIATION PAGE OR DEDICATION PAGE : For example I thank God Almighty for His protection and guardian in my life and having carried me this far. I also appreciate my parents Mr./Mrs Joseph Nwite for their direction, protection and support.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGE : Here you have to acknowledge the person who you think without, you couldn’t have done the I.T. Example, I acknowledge my I.T HOD Mr Nwabuzor Chukwuemeka, the permanent secretary Mr Fidelis Nwankwo and the commissioner Chief Nome Ogodoali. I also acknowledge my I.T Co-ordinator, Dr Chima Njoku.

CHAPTER 1 : The Chapter 1 of you I.T report should contain the introduction, brief history of the firm or ministry where you carried out your training and its organizational chart.

CHAPTER 2 : This should contain all your activities during your training period, and should be done lucidly.

CHAPTER 3 : All the Problems which you encountered during the training period should be well stated here.

CHAPTER 4 : Your chapter 4 is the conclusion and general appraisal of the programme. Diagrams, graphs and sketches should be used where necessary.

NOTE: It is advisable to use font size 14, New times roman and 2.0 line spacing. And most contain an organizational chart, as stated earlier.


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