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Dragnet Again!! Trash any Dragnet Internship Test

Over the years, experience have taught us that Dragnet exams – especially for internships put tears in the eye of students. For instance, Exxon Mobil internship 2018 exams was organized by Dragnet and those who took the exams came back with a unified story complaining how the questions were […]

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They handle graduate screening, examinations for companies on scholarships, jobs, internships etc.

How to Excel in Dragnet Exams

Having established what Dragnet is, by experience over the years, we have discovered that Dragnet questions follow a format. The difficulty level depends on the purpose of the exam. For undergraduate scholarships, they are comparatively easier. Now before going for Dragnet Exams prepare for the following kind of questions.

Comprehension Questions.

This is not the type of comprehension questions you are used to. You will be given a passage to read and usually five questions will be asked with reference to it. The questions tests your comprehension of the given passage. at first, what I do is just read through with a speed to get the subject matter, glance through the questions then read again, this time slower. You do not need to understand the words, you only need to be able to draw deductions.

The questions may come in this form. You would be given a statement and asked to say if:

a. True

b. False

c. Cannot say

Whether or not the statement in question is factually true if it cannot be proven from the passage to be true. Do not say it is true. Do not it is false either unless it is false from the passage.

The question may come in other forms like Which of these statements is true according to the passage.

Generally, in whatever form it appears, only ensure that your answers are deductions from the comprehension passage, do not invent yours add to or use facts that you know (whether true or not) which was not covered in the passage.

To see these questions for yourself, Click on the share buttons to Download.

Numerical Tests

As the tests are based around information in tables and graphs, this limits the types of questions that can be asked. This section explores some of the possibilities.
In order to give yourself the best possible chance in this test, you need to make sure that you are comfortable and conversant with the following mathematical topics:
Percentages – finding a percentage of a value, increasing/decreasing by a percentage,
Ratio – finding the ratio between two items, cancelling down ratios

You would usually be given a table, graph, histogram, pie chart etc

Using two values in a table to find a new value.

Company 2014 2015
P&G 400 500
ABC 250 275
OANDO 210 245

Which company showed the greatest percentage increase between year 1 and year 2?

For numerical questions on dragnet, I wanted to sell them but to be outstanding, I will be given it out for free only if you share this article. The download link will be made available only after sharing.

To attempt questions like this, first understand the table, graph or any figure given to you before looking at the questions.

Sometimes you will be able to eliminate some of the answer options immediately as they will represent decreases not increases. A handy clue here is to look at the relative sizes of the numbers involved. For example if 100 increases by 20, it has increased by 20%. However if 200 increases by 20, it has only 3 increased by 10%. So if two numbers have increased by similar amounts, the percentage increase is greater for the number that started off the smallest.

Abstract Reasoning / Diagrammatic Tests

Here you will be examined in your ability to observe patterns and sequences between shapes etc.

I found a very good Abstract test question which contains some questions dragnet set in previous exam – (Name withheld deliberately). However, you must hit the share button to download it.


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